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Recommended Reading

Paul Brookes/ Irwin Publishing Co.: (Irwin Pub Canadian Distributors)

1(800) 387-0141 http://www.pbrookes.com

Inclusion: A Guide for Educators. Stainback, S., and Stainback W. (Eds). (1996).
ISBN 1-55766-231- 2

Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education. Villa, R., and Thousand, J. (Eds). (2000).
ISBN 1-55766-386-6

Restructuring High Schools for All Students: Taking Inclusion to the Next Level. Jorgensen, Cheryl M., Ph.D., with invited contributors. (1998).
ISBN 1-55766-313-0

Inclusive Middle Schools. Kennedy, Craig H. Ph.D, & Fisher, Douglas, Ph.D. (2001).
ISBN 1-55766-486-2

Inclusive High Schools Learning from Contemporary Classrooms. Fisher, Douglas, Ph.D., Sax, Caren, Ed.D., & Pumpian, Ian Ph.D. (Eds.). (1999).
ISBN 1-55766-3793

Choosing Outcomes and Accomodations for Children (COACH) 2nd edition. Giangreco, Michael. (1998);
ISBN 1-55766-3238

Creativity and Collaborative Learning. Thousand,J., Villa, R., & Nevin, A. (1994).
ISBN - 1-55766-158-8

Friendships and Community Connections between People with and without Developmental Disabilities. Novak Amado, Angela. (1993)
ISBN - 1-55766-121-9

Cooperative Learning & Strategies for Inclusion: Celebrating Diversity in the Classroom. Putnam, JoAnne. (1998)
ISBN 1-55766-3467

Inclusion and School Reform - Transforming America's Classrooms. Lipsky,Dorothy and Gartner, Alan. (1997).
ISBN 1-55766-2738

Teaching Communication Skills to Students with Severe Disabilities. Downing, Dr. June. (1999)
ISBN 1-55766-3858

High School Inclusion: Equity & Excellence in an Inclusive Community of Learners (video)

University of New Hampshire/Institute on Disability:

Phone 603-862-4320. Web site: http://iod.unh.edu

Petroglyphs: The Writing on the Wall; booklet

Petroglyphs: (VideoTape)

Voices of Friendship (Video Tape)

ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development):

Web site: http://www.ascd.org

Creating an Inclusive School. Villa, Richard and Thousand, Jacqueline (Eds.). (1995).
ISBN 0-87120-251-4

Awakening Genius in the Classroom. Armstrong, Thomas; (1998)
ISBN - 0-87120-302-2

So Each May Learn: Integrating Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences. Silver, H.F., Strong,R., and Perini, M.J., ; (2000)
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Beyond Discipline. Kohn, Alfie. (1996)
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The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners. Tomlinson, Carol Ann (1996)
ISBN - 0-87120-342-1

Leadership for Differentiating Schools and Classrooms. Tomlinson, Carol Ann and DeMirsky, Allan (2000)
ISBN 0-87120-502-5

Peytral Publications:

Web site: http://www.peytral.com

Peytral publishes Mike Giangreco's cartoon books.

PEAK Parent Centre, Inc.

Web site: http://www.peakparent.org (books available through the web site)

Opening Doors: Connecting Students to Curriculum, Classmates, and Learning. Buswell, B.E., Schaffner, C.B., Seyler, A.B. (Eds.).

Deciding What to Teach and How to Teach It: Connecting Students Through Curriculum and Instruction. Castagnera, E., Fisher, D., Rodifer, K., Sax, C.

Inclusion Press

Web site: http://www.inclusion.com/

Inclusion: How To. Essential Classroom Strategies. Bunch, G. (1999). Inclusion Press.
ISBN 1-895418-42-9

Inclusion: Recent Research. Bunch, G., and Valeo, A. (1997).
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All My Life's A Circle. Using the Tools: Circles, MAPS $ PATH. Falvey, M., Forest, M., Pearpoint,J., Rosenberg,R. Inclusion Press


A Credo for Support. Norman Kunc. (VideoTape)
Web Site: http://www.normemma.com

The Schools Our Children Deserve. Kohn, Alfie. (1999) Houghton Mifflin Company
ISBN 0-395-94039-7

The Case Against Standardized Testing; Raising the
Scores, Ruining the Schools
. Kohn,Alphie. (2000). Heinemann
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Quantum Teaching: Orchestrating Student Success : Transform the Way You Teach. DePorter, Bobbi; Reardon, Mark; and Singer-Nourie, Sarah, (1999). Allyn & Bacon,
ISBN 0-205-28664-X


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