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Resource Documents

*Please note that some of these documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, where noted. These links are denoted with a: PDF Document .

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat's free reader, download it here.

The following documents are available:

Newest Additions:

PDF Document

2007 Back to School Bulletin

A comment on the recent developments in education and inclusion by the Coalition for the 2007-2008 school year.

Resource Library:

PDF Document

Analysis of the Ministry of Education’s 2005 Resource Guide Planning Entry to School

The Coalition's response to, and analysis of the Ministry of Education's Entry to School planning guide.

PDF Document

2005 Coalition Summary

Review of the Coalition's work throughout 2005.

PDF Document

Abstract: The Case for Inclusive Education as a Social Determinant of Health

An abstract of a paper by Kathryn Underwood, PhD candidate, OISE/UT.

PDF Document

Safer Schools? Safer Communities?

Input into the Ministry of Education Safe Schools Act Review Consultations

PDF Document

2005 Back to School Bulletin

A comment on recent developments in education and inclusion by the Coalition for the 2005-2006 school season.

PDF Document

Call to Action: 10th Anniversary of the Coalition

As the Coalition marks its 10th anniversary, its accomplishments and work are overshadowed by a funding crisis.

PDF Document

Ottawa Carleton SEAC bans use of the word 'segregation'.

The Coalition's comments on the move by the Ottawa Carleton District School Board's Special Education Advisory Committee to ban the use of the word "segregation".

PDF Document

Crestview Public School Inclusive Schools Award nomination letter.

Crestview Public School in Murillo, Ontario has been awarded the Community Living Ontario Inclusive School Award. The linked document is the nominated letter submitted by Susan Blekkenhorst.

PDF Document

Coalitions's analyis of the OHRC Guidelines to Accessible Education

A discussion of this recently released document from the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC).

PDF Document

Coalition's analysis of the Ontario IEP Resource Guide.

The Coalition's presentation of key sections in the Ministry of Education's revised IEP Resource Guide with comments and concerns noted.

PDF Document

Inclusive Children's Literature

A guide to evaluating children's literature for its inclusiveness. This includes criteria for evaluation, a plan of action for parents and community, and a list of inclusive children's books.

PDF Document

2004 Back to School Bulletin

A comment on recent developments in education and inclusion by the Coalition

PDF Document

ISA Report

A review of the growth in claims for students with severe special needs. (August 2004)

PDF Document

Special Education Funding Memorandum

A memorandum from Kevin Kobus, Assistant Deputy Minister of Education regarding Special Education Funding.

PDF Document

What Parents Need to Know When Preschoolers Move On

The bureaucracy calls it Transition from Childcare to School Setting. But parents lie awake nights when we are about to send our beautiful little ones off into the world....

PDF Document

Notes on the 2004 Ontario Liberal Government budget

Highlights budget items specific to education and responds to them.

PDF Document

Letter to Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty

Open letter to Premier McGuinty regarding the 2004 provincial budget.

PDF Document

The Canadian Association for Community Living:
A National Initiative on Inclusive Education

Outlines CACL's national initiative on Inclusive Education, including Activities & Events and Resources for Inclusive Education Week


Education and Disability: Human Rights Issues in Ontario's Education System

"This brief is driven by the motivation, passion and lived experiences of those who have been marginalized by the segregated special education system. The people for whom we advocate are so seldom heard. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to make a presentation at your public consultation sessions."

PDF Document

Presentation to the Ontario Human Rights Commission

Based on the above brief, this presentation was given to the Ontario Human Rights Commission on November 22, 2002.

PDF Document

ISA Funding Announcement

A Ministry of Education memorandum announcing funding increases for the 2002-03 school year.


Presentation to the Education Equality Task Force made September 25, 2002

The text of the presentation made to the task force, based on the analysis document below.


Analysis and Recommendations for the Equality Task Force

The Coalition's recommendations to the Education Equality Task Force, prepared September 2002. "It is imperative that the Task Force recommends fundamental change in Ontario’s funding formula concerning special education. Unlike others, it is not more money for which we ask. That alone will not achieve the change that is urgently needed. "

PDF Document

Handbook for Members of Special Education Advisory Committees

Exerpts from the Handbook for Members of Special Education Advisory Committees are now available. The Handbook is presented by the Provincial Parent Association Advisory Committee on Special Education Advisory Committees (PAAC on SEAC). This handbook is a revised and updated version which was first published in January 1985 and was updated and reissued in 1995. Its purpose has been and continues to be to assist and guide members of SEACs to fulfil their role effectively.
Part 1 is available here. Part 3 is available here.

Note that these PDFs are missing a font: WP-MathA. The files are still viewable without this font on your system.

PDF Document

People First of Ontario's Summer Newsletter

The Coalition is pleased to provide the summer edition of PFO's newsletter.

PDF Document

Analysis of the Supreme Court's Eaton Decision

An extensive analysis of the Ontario Supreme Court's Eaton Decision, by David Jory

PDF Document

Teaching Strategies - Nine Types of Adaptations

A handy chart of suggestions for Adaptations useful to teachers in inclusive classrooms. (Provided as a PDF File).

PDF Document

Curriculum Adaptation Pathway

A diagram/flow chart demonstrating the ways to adjust teaching curriculum to better include all students.


Additional Qualifications to Special Education

Response to the Ontario College of Teachers regarding the draft revision of Additional Qualifications to Special Education


The Provincial Auditor's Report and how it may help.

The Provincial Auditor's report has been helpful in identifying the areas within the special education system which require attention...


Psychological Testing: What do I need to know?

A Coalition document to help parents understand issues related to psychological testing.


What does Program Mean?

A draft statement by the coalition to define the requirements of a "program"


The Emily Eaton Decision, Coalition Response

A summary of the Supreme Court decision from the point of view of a person with a disability or of a parent/guardian.


A Tale about A Test

A story by Marilyn Dolmage, Building Inclusive Schools Project Co-ordinator


Fund Better IEP's, not Better ISA!

The Coalition response to ISA Funding policies of the Ontario Government


ISA funding harms Ontario students. STOP IT!

Analysis and Recommendations regarding the Ontario Government's ISA funding plans - October 2000


What DH Label Means

The Coalition responds to the Ontario Government's Program Standards policy.


Grade 10 Test Response

Feedback to Minister's Advisory Council on Special Education regarding the Accommodations Policy for Students with Special Needs for the Grade 10 Test of Reading and Writing Skills


Message to Ontario Association of Deans of Education

An open communication to Faculties of Education regarding enabling all future teachers and principals to better serve students in inclusive classrooms.




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